One Quiet Night

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A stunning deep blue star sapphire appears from between silver-lined clouds set against a backdrop of glimmering gold. The stars appear to dance across their crystalline sky as the light comes to play on its surface. Without an overhead light, the star disappears, remaining a secret to whoever wears it, the beautiful sapphire cabochon becomes instead a well of peaceful blue. Set in 18ct white and rose gold, the natural star sapphire weighs 5.61cts and has an unusual depth and clarity to it with a striking natural six-pointed star.


My mother always used to tell me to look at the stars when my father was away, because you knew then that he wasn’t far away if he could see the same stars. Millions of light years away the winking stars return night after night, guiding travellers home over centuries and receiving the hopes, wishes and souls of millions of people who believe in them. While in China, thousands of miles from home I was particularly struck by a famous Chinese poem which describes someone on a quiet night looking at the moonlight bathing the floor of her room, then looking up to the moon and thinking of her home far away. The silver-lined clouds are designed in the manner of stylised Chinese landscape painting.