The Gust of Wind

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A masterpiece of nature, this rare dendritic quartz depicts a blustery landscape on multiple planes. With a real three-dimensional aspect to it, you can almost feel the breeze against your cheeks. There was nothing else for it, but to frame this gemstone in the 22 carat gold it deserved and title it after another great masterpiece by Renoir. 


I simply fell in love with this stone. It was as if nature was trying to tell it’s own story. Renoir’s “The Gust of Wind” is one of my favourite paintings. While studying in Cambridge I used to take relief from just standing in front of it in the Fitzwilliam Museum. It seemed capable of transporting me to a place where I was alone with the wind and the trees. The moment I saw it, I knew that this dendritic quartz had to be part of my Space for You collection.