Design Philosophy

Finding inspiration in everything from ancient cultures to modern architecture and natural landscapes, Astratelli jewellery design is a means of expression, of communication with everyone who wears it. Working as free artists, we design for the love of designing.

An inspiration might spark a thought that develops as a conceptual collection such as the Space for You Collection and the Spice of Life Collection, which express opposing philosophies: seeking tranquil space and exploring exciting diversity.

Motifs and symbolism are central to communicating the concepts behind each piece. The meaning should not be obvious to all, but apparent enough to provoke questions and allow for individual interpretation, providing a personal significance for the wearer. Astratelli designs take details from a recognisable object as a symbolic abstract of the whole, offering new perspectives on the familiar. This is similar to the“photographic seeing” approach exemplified by the fashion photographer, Horst, where close-up photographs reveal the natural patterns of an object that normally go unseen. For example as part of a commission to set a diamond in white gold, the trunk and tusk of an elephant separated from the head become an abstract symbol. The trunk curls round to hold the diamond tightly in an illustration of how elephants never forget.

Gemstones are central to Astratelli designs, often forming the inspiration for the design itself. Every stone is unique so finding the right stone or series of stones for a design is always an adventure. While looking for one gemstone, our designer often falls in love with another, creating a completely new design specially to tell its story. This stunning dendritic quartz was irresistible. It depicts all by itself an entire landscape in the style of a Chinese painting. The trees are twisted and blown so that you can almost feel the wind against your cheeks. Growing on multiple levels the landscape is quite literally three-dimensional. It deserved nothing less than to be framed in gold like the miniature painting that it was : a masterpiece of nature.


Hidden beneath the earth
For millions of years
These pockets of light and life

Deep pools
Of vivid colours
Invite you in,
To share their age-old wisdom.

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