The Path Ahead


A trail of azurite in malachite bars fixed into golden tracks disappear into the distance dividing on the horizon. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by” (Robert Frost). Which would you take? A necklace in 18ct yellow gold with a hidden hinged clasp and features of azurite in malachite.


I have always been one to take the “road less travelled by” and this poem by Robert Frost was visualised for me by the painter Anselm Kiefer in a set of train tracks disappearing off into the distance where they split and went their separate ways. I am fascinated by the choices we make and how they take us in different directions. What if we could be a quantum particle and experience both paths simultaneously before finally slipping onto one set of tracks and continuing our journey? This piece harks back to the rich simplicity of ancient jewellery.